Monday, September 21, 2009

My Kids' World

My kids are growing up in a world where:

  • It has always been possible to pause live TV
  • CD players are a thing of the past. (and what is a cassette tape?)
  • TV has always been in HD and widescreen.
  • Cash is used only for the smallest of purchases, such as a fountain soda or a pack of gum.
  • Tony Larussa has always been the manager of the Cardinals.
  • Online social networks are just another aspect of social life.
  • There never were WTC towers in NYC.
  • Video conferences across the globe are the norm. Nothing special about it at all.
  • It's not cool to smoke.
  • The Internet has always been around. More specifically, "web apps" have always been around.
  • It's cool to be bald.
  • There is a migration from the suburbs to the cities.
  • Phones with cords attached? Never heard of such a ridiculous thing!
  • Video games do not require imagination.
  • The Rams have never been in the playoffs.
  • High schools have always had metal detectors.
  • Google has always been a verb. And what's a googol?
  • Their dad has never had long hair. ;)