Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time to Make Some Enemies

Ok all. Time to make some of you hate me.

STL Ballot, 3rd US Rep Dist; 4th Senate Dist; 65th State Rep Dist:

President: McCain - I'm all about money and economy. Despite what the competition claims, a vote for a republican is always a vote for smaller government and a generally better economy. Ask any economist. (except for the fact that W was an idiot so he's an exception but was still better than Kerry would have been) Don't worry my liberal friends, I'm well aware of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama will win, but I gotta give my support to Johnny boy.

Governer: Hulshof - Kenny voted NAY on the financial bailout. That's good enough for me.

Lieutenant Governer: Kinder - Just going off what I've seen on the smear campaigns.

Secretary of State: Hubbard - I'm not a Robin fan.

State Treasurer: Lager - Because he's an R.

Attorney General: Gibbons - Why would I even think of voting for Koster???

US Rep Dist 3: Sander - Carnahan voted AYE on the financial bailout. He lost my vote for this reason.

State Rep Dist 65, Circuit Attorney, Public Administrator, Sheriff: The only option on the ballot.

City Treasurer: Williams - It's either him or a Green Party candidate and special interests suck.

All judges to be retained - The MO bar recommends all to be retained, that's good enough for me. I have no beef with any of them. We'll see what happens when red light camera cases make some noise at any of their benches.

Amendment 1: Yes - I won't dignify this with a description.

Amendment 4: No - Will feed money to special interests if passed.

Proposition A: Yes - Loss limits are stupid and discourage tourism. Schools need money!

Proposition B: No - Gives more power to special interests. Could increase healthcare costs.

Proposition C: No - I'm not a fan of big government. Let's let the market make these decisions for the power companies, not the government.

So there ya have it. I'm sure I've lost a reader or two. Sorry to see you go.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More on Red Lights... *UPDATED*

Update: Although the STL city ordinance still exists (click), it looks like the Missouri law that was written exactly the same is OFF THE BOOKS! This makes the STL law ILLEGAL in the eyes of the state of Missouri! I'll have to do some digging. Note the rebuttable presumption clause in section 4b. Do some Googling on rebuttable presumption to see just how unconstitutional this really is. End of update

This is in response to the person who compared red light cameras to a parking ticket:

Look at the way the laws are written for parking tickets and the like. Apples and oranges. In the case of a parking ticket, the owner of the vehicle is responsible. And by having the registered vehicle, you understand this. The only exception is if the vehicle was stolen. If you can show your police report that you filed when your vehicle was stolen, you will not be responsible for your parking ticket.

In the case of a red light ticket, the driver is responsible, not the owner of the vehicle, although they issue the ticket to the owner. But you must prove that you were not the driver! Presumption of innocence goes out the window. This is unconstitutional.

If they were to take a picture of the driver and properly serve them with a summons (in person) instead of a threatening non-registered letter that poses as a summons (fraud), it would be different. No, I take it back. Because it's about REVENUE not public safety. I take exception to any kind of traffic policing that is about revenue as opposed to public safety.

Not sure who setup the site. It's pretty unprofessional but is backed by a few lawyers, one of which I know personally. It's the petition that counts though.

You won't win this battle. I've done too much research, in conjunction with a lawyer acquaintance of mine who is equally as pissed off about these. I'll debate all day, though, if you wish. Just make sure you know what you're talking about before you post.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Keep This In Mind

Speaking of people to vote against. I'm not sure who's up for re-election, but here are your congressmen and women who voted FOR the Wall St. bailout.

- Missouri: Kit Bond, Claire McCaskill
- Illinois: Dick Durban, Barack Obama

- Missouri: William Clay, Russ Carnahan, Ike Skelton, Emanuel Cleaver, Jo Ann Emerson
- Illinois: Jesse Jackson, Daniel Lipinski, Luis Gutierrez, Rahm Emanuel, Danny Davis, Melissa Bean, Janice Schakowsky, Mark Kirk, Gerald Weller, Jerry Costello, Judy Biggert, Timothy Johnson, Phil Hare, Ray LaHood

That said, here are the nice folks who can safely be re-elected (they voted no:)

- Missouri: NONE
- Illinois: NONE

- Missouri: W. Akin, Samuel Graves, Roy Blunt, Kenny Hulsof
- Illinois: Peter Roskam, Donald Manzullo, John Shimkus

It should also be mentioned that on 10/2/2008 after the VP debate in St. Louis, William Lacy Clay stated on camera to KSDK that he would vote no. As you can see, he voted yes.

There's an Arizona-based company, American Traffic Solutions that is installing these cameras, apparently for free in many cases. In return, they get up to 40% of the revenue from every ticket issued. I really have to wonder about this company, as the red light camera laws enacted in every state all read almost exactly the same. And since Mayor Slay really tried to rush this through without due process (do some Googling, this was paraphrased from an RFT article a year or 2 ago).

My biggest beef with this civil liberty-violating law is the fact that it doesn't identify the driver. And the law reads that it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to prove that it was not him or her driving the vehicle. THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The constitution of the United States specifically states that we are innocent until provent guilty. It's called presumption of innocence. Read up on it.

There are dozens of reasons why these cameras need to go. In my not-so-humble opinion, here are the biggest reasons to oppose them:

  • The laws are unconstitutional
  • This is more about revenue than public safety
  • The driver is not identified (see unconstitutionality)
  • Up to 40% of the ticket money leaves our area and goes to ATS in Arizona
  • I really suspect ATS of some shady dealings but can't prove it

That being said, head out to and read up on it and maybe even sign the petition. Right now they're just working on the city of St. Louis but they are hoping to expand this to the entire state.

Thank you to KTVI (Fox 2 in STL) for running the story about this website.

For what it's worth, Francis Slay and Kathleen Hanrahan will both lose my vote by inaction.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Pumpkin Farm

Yep. Today was the day. Rombachs Farm in Chesterfield. This year Andy had hair. And there was no stroller. And the kids had a blast. They really got a kick out of the pony ride.

Joey picked out our big pumpkin, the one that we will carve up. Emma, Andy, and Joey each picked out a small pumpkin for themselves.

We came back and had some of Mommy's chili. I used my homemade chili sauce that's ketchup-based but contains a buttload of fresh peppers. Hot stuff.

I'm really really tired.

The Rams lost but they played a good game against an underrated Patriots team. The Rams needed a new coach and a new QB. They're half-way there.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Caught Beneath the Landslide

So I had to go to Andy's hospital a few days ago. As you know I work for the same healthcare system. His hospital is one of my hospitals.

I'm the wireless guy, among other things. And I had to lay out some wireless access point locations.

This included both the cancer center and the 4th floor.

It was weird. To say the least. When I saw Andy's nurse at the clinic (aka the cancer center aka the Costas Center), she gave me a big hug and I thought I was going to completely lose it. In fact I had to whisper, out loud, "you can do this" just before I walked into the clinic.

But I still haven't cried. Not once. Not once since 8/9/07. And I don't know why. Maybe it's a defense mechanism. Maybe this PTSD shit will go away when I finally am able to cry. For what it's worth I almost made it to the crying point a week or 2 ago when I had to pin Andy for Julie to put a bandaid on him. I felt like I was in the 4th floor treatment room pinning him so they could re-access his port. I almost thought I was there. But I digress.

Yet I felt so safe when at the Costas Center or on the 4th floor, even though I was there on "official business." There was something about the Costas Center. And the 4th floor. I felt so... welcome. And at home. And, believe it or not, kinda at peace.

I think I need to volunteer a few hours a week or even a few hours a month to Glennon.

I brought a fist-full of pictures with me. Everyone was so happy to see Andy. Andy's Costas nurse even mentioned that he "grew into his eyes." :)

Andy still has memories. Or some kind of subconscious something-or-other. Emma had her toy stethoscope. She wanted to listen to Andy's heart. He didn't hesitate to hold up his shirt. And when Julie was putting a bandaid on him.. He freaked when she opened it because it looked like opening some Tagaderm. That is, the tape used to hold the port needle in place.

It's funny how lately I lose memories all the time but for some reason certain things from a year ago seem to feel like they just happened 3 minutes ago.

And a champagne supernova in the sky.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How Strange...

...Joey actually seems upset that he's off school tomorrow. He LOVES school. I was always good in school but I always hated it. Then again he's the complete opposite of me when I was his age, from a social perspective.

Fun Facts

- Emma, despite having older and younger brothers and no sister, is a girly-girl who loves princesses and whose favorite color is pink.

- Schlafly's Oktoberfest kinda tastes like flavored APA.

- Your DTV converter box will NOT convert your 1993-era TV into HD. Trust me. It won't.

- The most humiliating thing to ever happen to me was within the last month. Don't ask me what it was because I won't say.

- Celeine Dione is B's idol.

- Brian Adams is Greg's idol.

- The new Metallica CD sux and is a pathetic attempt at going "old skool."

- AC/DC is shooting themselves in the foot by not allowing their new one to be sold on iTunes.

- The economy will get worse before it gets better.

- PTSD kicks in overdrive when I go to the Costas Center or to the 4th floor of the hospital.

- Joey has no school tomorrow OR next Friday.

- Your DTV converter box STILL will NOT convert your 1993-era TV into HD. Trust me. It won't. Please believe me.

- Energy prices suck.

- Kanada sux.

- Kalifornia sux.

- STL rox.

- Drunken lesbians rox.

- Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Just a quick reminder that not only is 10/31 Halloween, it's also the first anniversary of the day that Andy had his cancer removed. It's a very special day.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 20, 2008

How Unethical!

In this time of economic crisis where even banks won't lend to each other and we all need to start buying what we NEED not what we WANT, I see a credit card commercial with a guy going out and buying a brand new huge HDTV with the music saying, "I want it all. And I want it now!"

Really? I want it all. And I want it now. Is that really what we need in this time of global economic crisis? Banks won't even lend to each other yet you are encouraging people to get a credit card and spend money they don't have? What?

And this is followed by a commercial for another credit card company advertising their credit card lab where you can customize your own. In other words, trying to grab the < 25 demographic.

Boylan's soda rox.

Greg sux.

Liza Minelli is scary.

I missed DnD last night because I was on call and extremely exhausted. Fuck call.

Overheard on a golf course: "SHIT!" "lol I love golf"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vote for the Kanadian Kow!

We all know that happy cows come from Kalifornia. And of course we know Gracie is a happy cow. Which obviously means she's from Kalifornia. Or is she?

Vote for the happy cow. In particular, vote for the Kanadian Kow! Her name is Kirsten.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hello Again!

I've been busy. And tired. Which means no time for the Internets. Or the Intarweb for that matter. Since this site is on the Intarweb, that means I haven't had time to post.

So hello. How are you? I'm fine. Leave a message and I'll get back with you after I return from the dark side of the moon.

Andy's in the PRIME of his terrible twos.

But. Here's the great news. Emma is potty trained! She wears a pullup to bed but I think we can stop doing that soon.

Interesting factoid. This is Kanadian week on Wheel of Fortune. The episodes were filmed in the great white crap. And B just said that Celeine Deione is her hero.

Bunny slippers rox.

So do Munchos.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Now I'm Nervous

Wall Street's show of no confidence a couple days ago, after the bailout passed no less, really shook me. I can't help but get a really dreadful feeling.

Oh yeah and OPEC is cutting production because they're "losing money" with the decreasing oil prices.

It's finally hitting us. Granted, since the little guy's copays have been paid off, we've grown accustomed to a slightly more expensive lifestyle. But still. It has finally hit the Kelley family. It was a nice few months there having an extra dollar or two! :-/

Fortunately Julie wound up in a recession-proof industry and I wound up in one of the 3 or 4 industries that are actually growing in this economy. I think our jobs should be safe, so that's less of a worry.

Like everyone else, we'll just have to make cutbacks and ride this out. Just know that this could get really bad.

Long story short: W is an idiot, but the bailout plan will actually work in the LONG-TERM. The problem is the short-term. It will be up to either Johnny Boy or Barack Hussein Obama to come up with a short-term solution to keep us going. A $1000 economic stimulus package won't cut it this time.

OBTW, AIG execs need to be put in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

OBTW again.. Our first cutback will be cellphones. We pay a LOT more a month than what we're getting. Any suggestions on how we can save a lot of money but still keep at least one cell phone in the family? Anyone know anything about the prepaid minutes or anything? Please e-mail me.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Go Rams!

The Lions seem to think that they have the NFL's worst team. Are we going to put up with that crap? I don't think so! C'mon Rams! Stink it up. Let's get ourselves an overall first pick.

Buncha idiots.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Great Job KSDK!

It was pretty cool watching channel 5 last night after the VP debate. Those reporters were like kids in a candy store. They had a huge slew of reporters in the spin room. It's not every day we get a debate in St. Louis where they are the home team.

They looked like they enjoyed what they were doing. And they did a good job.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's Chili Season!

Julie made her first chili of the season tonight.

It roxed.

Especially with a piece of bread with Ms. Kanadian's peach butter!

Fo shizzle.