Monday, October 27, 2008

There's an Arizona-based company, American Traffic Solutions that is installing these cameras, apparently for free in many cases. In return, they get up to 40% of the revenue from every ticket issued. I really have to wonder about this company, as the red light camera laws enacted in every state all read almost exactly the same. And since Mayor Slay really tried to rush this through without due process (do some Googling, this was paraphrased from an RFT article a year or 2 ago).

My biggest beef with this civil liberty-violating law is the fact that it doesn't identify the driver. And the law reads that it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to prove that it was not him or her driving the vehicle. THIS IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! The constitution of the United States specifically states that we are innocent until provent guilty. It's called presumption of innocence. Read up on it.

There are dozens of reasons why these cameras need to go. In my not-so-humble opinion, here are the biggest reasons to oppose them:

  • The laws are unconstitutional
  • This is more about revenue than public safety
  • The driver is not identified (see unconstitutionality)
  • Up to 40% of the ticket money leaves our area and goes to ATS in Arizona
  • I really suspect ATS of some shady dealings but can't prove it

That being said, head out to and read up on it and maybe even sign the petition. Right now they're just working on the city of St. Louis but they are hoping to expand this to the entire state.

Thank you to KTVI (Fox 2 in STL) for running the story about this website.

For what it's worth, Francis Slay and Kathleen Hanrahan will both lose my vote by inaction.


Anonymous said...

I believe that ATS in Arizona is actually Alberta Toronto Saskatchewan Inc. It is a Celion Dion owned and operated sub-company of the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey team.
You may be angry at the abortionization (George W. Bushism word) of our constitution, but I wonder if it has anything to do with a ticket a certain someone got??? I dunno, just thinking???

Anonymous said...

Stoplights are over rated anyway!!! Plus -- have you noticed the flash on those things?? The one at Hampton and Gravois is a medical hazzard ---- I'm really waiting for it to trigger a seizure in some poor bastard.....

Ariesgeek said...

Yep. I'll admit I got nailed by one. Actually Julie did. However I have been extremely anti-camera since the first one was installed, I think in Arnold. IT IS A CIVIL LIBERTIES VIOLATION AND THE LAWS, AS WRITTEN, ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

We have not had civil liberties for a long time. Did you know that the police can arrest and detain you for 20 hours for absolutely no reason. heck into it, this is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Of course, they also can't prove that I was the person who parked my car in fire zone or handicapped spot -- but, I still get the ticket.

If I run a red light, I would much rather get one of these violations than a moving traffic violation that gets me points on my license.

Isn't that website by the same guy who sold t-shirts and bumperstickrs to stop the sale of A-B?