Monday, October 27, 2008

Keep This In Mind

Speaking of people to vote against. I'm not sure who's up for re-election, but here are your congressmen and women who voted FOR the Wall St. bailout.

- Missouri: Kit Bond, Claire McCaskill
- Illinois: Dick Durban, Barack Obama

- Missouri: William Clay, Russ Carnahan, Ike Skelton, Emanuel Cleaver, Jo Ann Emerson
- Illinois: Jesse Jackson, Daniel Lipinski, Luis Gutierrez, Rahm Emanuel, Danny Davis, Melissa Bean, Janice Schakowsky, Mark Kirk, Gerald Weller, Jerry Costello, Judy Biggert, Timothy Johnson, Phil Hare, Ray LaHood

That said, here are the nice folks who can safely be re-elected (they voted no:)

- Missouri: NONE
- Illinois: NONE

- Missouri: W. Akin, Samuel Graves, Roy Blunt, Kenny Hulsof
- Illinois: Peter Roskam, Donald Manzullo, John Shimkus

It should also be mentioned that on 10/2/2008 after the VP debate in St. Louis, William Lacy Clay stated on camera to KSDK that he would vote no. As you can see, he voted yes.


Anonymous said...

I don't know much about politics. Take Roe vs. Wade for example. I always thought it was how we were going to get the Cubans back to Cuba. I come to find out, it has nothing to do with Cubans.
I do know how to tell when a politician is lying...(cue the drum and crash) Their mouths are open.
I guess I am a conservative liberal whose left wing is on the right side of being in the middle of a thrid party!
Patti Labelle is my American Idol.
Chinese Democarcy is on it's way, where's my free Dr. Pepper?
Cuck the Fubs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

f@$k West Memphis!!!!!!!!!!