Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time to Make Some Enemies

Ok all. Time to make some of you hate me.

STL Ballot, 3rd US Rep Dist; 4th Senate Dist; 65th State Rep Dist:

President: McCain - I'm all about money and economy. Despite what the competition claims, a vote for a republican is always a vote for smaller government and a generally better economy. Ask any economist. (except for the fact that W was an idiot so he's an exception but was still better than Kerry would have been) Don't worry my liberal friends, I'm well aware of the fact that Barack Hussein Obama will win, but I gotta give my support to Johnny boy.

Governer: Hulshof - Kenny voted NAY on the financial bailout. That's good enough for me.

Lieutenant Governer: Kinder - Just going off what I've seen on the smear campaigns.

Secretary of State: Hubbard - I'm not a Robin fan.

State Treasurer: Lager - Because he's an R.

Attorney General: Gibbons - Why would I even think of voting for Koster???

US Rep Dist 3: Sander - Carnahan voted AYE on the financial bailout. He lost my vote for this reason.

State Rep Dist 65, Circuit Attorney, Public Administrator, Sheriff: The only option on the ballot.

City Treasurer: Williams - It's either him or a Green Party candidate and special interests suck.

All judges to be retained - The MO bar recommends all to be retained, that's good enough for me. I have no beef with any of them. We'll see what happens when red light camera cases make some noise at any of their benches.

Amendment 1: Yes - I won't dignify this with a description.

Amendment 4: No - Will feed money to special interests if passed.

Proposition A: Yes - Loss limits are stupid and discourage tourism. Schools need money!

Proposition B: No - Gives more power to special interests. Could increase healthcare costs.

Proposition C: No - I'm not a fan of big government. Let's let the market make these decisions for the power companies, not the government.

So there ya have it. I'm sure I've lost a reader or two. Sorry to see you go.


Anonymous said...

Okay, voting for Kinder is a death threat to your beloved cousin.
As far as the Judges go, give me a call and I will list the ones that DEFINATELY need to go and the ones that should stay. I have inside information on that issue. If you want fewer criminals (like Leonard Little, who killed someone, yet has NO conviction on his record) on the streets, then some of the Judges need to go immediately.
As far as the rest of your picks, each of us our entitled to our own choices. On a side note, hope you do better on those picks as your football picks. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Well I disagree with about 90% of everything you said (but I don't hate you!). It's definitely good to get different points of view.

I would urge you to reconsider Prop B, though. I have first-hand knowledge that part-time home care is less expensive than full-time inpatient nursing or hospital care, and it usually benefits the patient far more to stay at home rather than in a sterile, unfamiliar environment. This is especially true with Alzheimer's patients, but I'm sure with lots of others, and I'm mainly talking elderly terminal cases (which I'm assuming is the majority). The benefit for the primary caregiver is greater also, insofar as not having to be at the hospital nonstop to oversee care. JMO, and hoping you never have to come to this conclusion firsthand.

Just a friendly opinion from your overly-opinionated neighbor (and hope to see your little guys out tomorrow night!)