Saturday, November 1, 2008


First of all, thank you Greg and Neighbor for changing my mind regarding Loot Gov and Prop B, respectively. I'll change my votes. That's part of why I posted, to be talked into changing my vote on things that I'm on the fence about.

That said, Halloween was great. The kids had a great time, they got a lot of candy, and best of all Andy wasn't in the PICU this time around!

When the kids went to bed I went downstairs and jammed on the ol' acoustic gee-tar for a bit. Julie and B went down to Julie's sister's for a bit. When they came back they brought Julie's dad who hung out while the kids slept while we went out and played for a bit.

Hey Greg. Do they give out Munchos and Labatt in Kanadia on Halloween?

Andy has a CT scan on Monday. This will be weird.

I left some unfinished bidness at work yesterday so I could leave early. And I hate having unfinished bidness.

The kids have a house full of candy but instead want Cocoa Puffs. I love it.

I really think it's time to bring back our troops so we can use them to invade Kanadia.

That's enough for now. As Brian Boitano would say: By-eee. (cuz that's what Brian Boitano'd do!)

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Anonymous said...

I regret that I missed Holloween! However if ther is a wildland fire in your back yard I got your back!!
Poop Squeaks ago go on Monday!! of in on above atop