Monday, November 24, 2008

The Axl Rose Experiment

I refuse to call them GnR. GnR only has 2 albums - Appetite and Lies. The Illusions are great albums that feature some of the guys from GnR. Spaghetti suxed. You get the idea.

Like most things Axl has done in the 20 years that have gone by since 1988, it sux. The music isn't bad but Axl's singing... jeez... Unbearable.

Kinda made me feel old when I read a user review on iTunes from a kid saying his mom used to listen to GnR when she was his age.

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Anonymous said...

Is Axl Kanadian??? Maybe his voice left when he got moose raped....??? Think of it this way ... we can't feel old -- the younger generation never got to see GNR at it's best, they missed out on the cool shit! Now all these young whipper snappers have to listen to is ass backwards Metallica crap and Axl getting ass-moose raped..... That's it ... I'm blasting my Vanilla Ice .... at least he has maintained his crappiness.... Lmao!