Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fiscally-Responsible Christmas Ideas

Here's the short list:
1) Only buy for your immediate family.
2) One "big" present per kid.
3) Two "small" presents per kid.
4) One "big" present for you and your spousal unit. This is a single present for both of you.
5) One "small" present for your spousal unit.
6) One "small" present from your spousal unit.
7) Kanadia sux

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone care about fiscal responsibility, with our new Prez, change is coming fast. He is going to reshape our entire system, so spend now! Who cares about tomorrow and how we will pay for it. Whatever you do not spend now, will not help our great country. SPEND like there is no tomorrow! While you're at it, be sure to buy lots of Moosehead and Lebatz. That way we can justify keeping the Chrysler plant open in Kanadia, since that's where the CEO is from. Who cares that it was ONCE an American owned company. While were at it, let's give them the Statue of Liberty, it was a gift from the French anyway!
On another note, I like the way our new Prez is thinking. He is appointing positions to those who managed to collect the most money for his campaign. Wow, I can almost see the money being sucked from my check already.
Fuck Christmas, I am celebrating Kwanza. You don't have to buy anything for anybody, you just work on 12 parts of yourself to improve who you are. I am sure that was what those two thugs that killed those poor Steak-N-Shake employees for less than $200.
God friggin Bless America!!!!!