Friday, November 21, 2008

B. Hussein Obama Taps Timothy Geithner for Treasury Secretary

Who is Timothy Geithner? I wondered the same.

Ok. Sure. So he was, "a key architect of the $30 billion bailout to prevent the bankruptcy of Bear Stearns Cos." Not a good thing if you ask me, but before foresight was 20/20, it wasn't really that horrible. Outside of that, he looks ok.

We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should read about the bailout and why the company was going belly up, before you praise him too much. To give you a starting place, look at big tobacco and the $200 billion law suit settlement. If you think 40 cents on the dollar is a good deal, let me know. Whether or not you like, I think they have a story that will shed some light on the subject. He bailed out a company the was butt-ass stupid in their management of billions.

Ariesgeek said...

I didn't praise him. What he did could be forgivable. The rest of his resume is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he a refugee from the Clinton era? Much like 30 other appointees, the only change is that instead of Clinton, it's Obama.
I want you to read an article. I have copied the link. Read it and remember that Missouri is on that list of states. Little wonder how Blunt has an $855 surplus budget.

Anonymous said...

oooppsss. That was supposed to be an $855 million surplus.