Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Pumpkin Farm

Yep. Today was the day. Rombachs Farm in Chesterfield. This year Andy had hair. And there was no stroller. And the kids had a blast. They really got a kick out of the pony ride.

Joey picked out our big pumpkin, the one that we will carve up. Emma, Andy, and Joey each picked out a small pumpkin for themselves.

We came back and had some of Mommy's chili. I used my homemade chili sauce that's ketchup-based but contains a buttload of fresh peppers. Hot stuff.

I'm really really tired.

The Rams lost but they played a good game against an underrated Patriots team. The Rams needed a new coach and a new QB. They're half-way there.


Anonymous said...

I had such a blast today with u guys! Thanks for letting me tag along!!! Btw -- your hot sauce rocked!!!!

Ariesgeek said...

You're welcome! It's always a good time. Glad you liked the sauce. A few fresh jalapenos and a good handful of the peppers that we grew in the back yard. Combine with ketchup, Oktoberfest beer, and a few special ingredients, and it makes for a rox chili sauce!