Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Now I'm Nervous

Wall Street's show of no confidence a couple days ago, after the bailout passed no less, really shook me. I can't help but get a really dreadful feeling.

Oh yeah and OPEC is cutting production because they're "losing money" with the decreasing oil prices.

It's finally hitting us. Granted, since the little guy's copays have been paid off, we've grown accustomed to a slightly more expensive lifestyle. But still. It has finally hit the Kelley family. It was a nice few months there having an extra dollar or two! :-/

Fortunately Julie wound up in a recession-proof industry and I wound up in one of the 3 or 4 industries that are actually growing in this economy. I think our jobs should be safe, so that's less of a worry.

Like everyone else, we'll just have to make cutbacks and ride this out. Just know that this could get really bad.

Long story short: W is an idiot, but the bailout plan will actually work in the LONG-TERM. The problem is the short-term. It will be up to either Johnny Boy or Barack Hussein Obama to come up with a short-term solution to keep us going. A $1000 economic stimulus package won't cut it this time.

OBTW, AIG execs need to be put in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

OBTW again.. Our first cutback will be cellphones. We pay a LOT more a month than what we're getting. Any suggestions on how we can save a lot of money but still keep at least one cell phone in the family? Anyone know anything about the prepaid minutes or anything? Please e-mail me.


Anonymous said...

I can relate to the feeling of dread, but there are a couple of positives. OPEC does not meet again until 12/17/08 and even they may be reluctant to cut supplies by very much. If they do, they could worsen the situation and cause oil to go back to the $40 range, which would hurt them even more.
AIG execs will get theirs, along with some others. It should be noted that the CFO is a Mizzou business alum, along with another notable alum named Kenneth Lay (think Enron). Mizzou may be 2nd in the nation in fotball, but apparently dead last in business ethics. hehehe
I don't know about cell phone savings, but I do have one way to cut costs. Eat Munchos, the breakfast of Kanadians. They are YUMMO! Oddly enough, they can be quite filling as well.
Speaking of YUMMO, I encourage everyone to wirte in Rachel Ray on the ballot this election, or Eric Cartman. Either way, we are going to have to choose between a Douche and a Terd! Preach on Tina Fey!!!
Free the West Memphis Three!!!!

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