Friday, January 16, 2009

The Great Recession Drinking Game

Yes, I've named this era The Great Recession. And why not make a drinking game out of it!

So here's how it works. Listen to a Wall Street Journal podcast. Or jump on CNBC. Basically tune into any program that is business- or finance-related.

When you hear the following words, do the following action:
TARP - Drink!
Bailout - Drink!
"Big 3" - Drink!
Housing - Drink! (must be the actual word "housing" no variations)
"Economic Stimulus" - The first person to slap their hand on the table can make one person drink.
"Rate Cut" - The last person to slap their hand on the table has to chug.
Main Street - Chug!
Depression (financial, not mood) - SOCIAL!
"Credit Crunch" - SOCIAL!
Layoff - Waterfall!


Anonymous said...

So, when do we play this game?? We need to get P drunk..... It makes CNN so much more entertaining!!!!

Anonymous said...

[drinks ale]