Monday, January 26, 2009

Long Overdue Andy Update (INCLUDES A PIC!)

Ok, I was talking to one of you today. It made me realize I'm way overdue for an Andy update.

Andy's still in speech therapy. The good news is he's really doing well. I've been spending time getting to his eye level and just talking to him. I think this is helping. A wise man once told me that kids will really listen to you and respect you if you get down to their eye level.

So far he doesn't seem to have any other remaining effects from chemo. I occasionally worry about his overall development, then I realize I'm not being fair. I'm comparing him to Joey & Emma when they were at that age. The thing is that Joey and Emma are both unusually quick in most areas of development. That's the #1 rule of parenting multiple kids: don't compare.

With any luck we'll be past the speech therapy within a few short months. But really we don't know how long this will last. Frankly, it will last as long as it needs to last.

I think this may be the last thing in which he's running behind.

We should be hearing from the Costas Center soon. It's getting close to time for him to get another CT scan, blood work, and see his oncologist.

Now, the long-awaited pic! A great pic of the big guy from Christmas. Check out the bed head on that mop top! He's come quite a long way from shiny smooth chemo head!

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Anonymous said...

Happy bed head Ah Uuuh!

See you in Waterdeep