Thursday, June 25, 2009

The buildup continues... But who cares, right?

So Iran is starting to drop the hammer on their citizens who protest. It's to the point to where people know that if they go out to protest they could become "martyrs." Mackmud Amnijinishit or whatever his name is, was actually one of the terrorists who held US citizens captive in Lebanon 30 years ago, thereabouts. This has been confirmed!

A little further away, Kim Jun Hell or whatever his name is, continues throwing his little temper tantrum. He's trying to start a war and has threatened to wipe the US off the map for once and for all. Nobody knows what to do about that ship headed for Myanmar.

But who cares about this because John and Kate are getting divorced! Who the hell are John and Kate? And why is Fox News even covering this shit when we're seconds away from nuclear hell?

What is this, Kanadia or something?

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