Monday, March 24, 2008

Excellent Easter Weekend!

First of all, thank you all for the kind words, whether via e-mail, phone, or on the website. I'm having a rough time dealing with things and am generally not talking about it too much, but when I have my moments, you're there for me. Thank you.

Now on to more positive notes. Easter Weekend! It roxed! Friday night Joey went bowling with meemaw and pawpaw. Andy, Emma, Mommy, and I all went out to dinner then hung around the house and passed out early that night. It was a good thing.

Saturday we had Julie's family's get-together. Although we were one short (she was helping with the flood animals), we had a great time. The food was good, the easter egg hunting was great for all 3 kids, and it was generally fun. It was the first family function at Julie's sister's house. And the best part was when everyone left, we had quite a jam session. :)

Sunday was fun too. It was our first Key family function since Andy's stuff. It was nice to be able to bring my whole family for once. Again, they all had a great time with the easter egg hunts. I got the rare opportunity to hang out with my family. Well, it was a rare opportunity for the last few months, but I think we're pretty much good to go now, so hopefully it won't be rare anymore.

The best part? All 3 kids were extremely well-behaved this weekend! I couldn't believe how well they all acted.

Ok, breaktime over. Back to work. I hope everyone had a great Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed all the fun! The pics are amazing, Andy smiling and covered in chocolate! I am jonesing for drums, you may have to extend your practice this Friday for me!!! The cows are safe and dry!! Happy cows can come from Missouri!!