Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Cards Day!

For those of you not in St. Louis, today is a civic holiday. Opening day. Many take off work to go downtown even if they don't have tickets. I couldn't because I had a major rollout of a project for work. And because I don't have enough time off.

So far the rain is staying away.

Pujols already has his first homer of the season. All is well with the world.


Anonymous said...

Pujols does not have his first HR of the season, as the stats for this game do not count.

Ariesgeek said...

I seem to recall Bud Selig was going to change the rule so that all stats count even if a game winds up being ppd. This goes back to a game between the Cards & Cubs at Wrigley a couple years ago. But I could be wrong.