Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Andy's Birthday / Cancer Sux Party

Ok so 2 long posts in one day. I was going to put this on the "news reel" post (see below) but felt it worthy of its own announcement.

Friends, family, and cancer haters,
Andy's birthday is 8/6. The following Saturday just happens to be 8/9. This just happens to be the day he was diagnosed, one year ago.

So.. Saturday, 8/9 will be Andy's birthday party and Andy's "Cancer Sux" party!

We would like to request that only family bring gifts for the little guy. We are expecting an unusually large number of people in and out that day and if everyone brought a gift we would be loaded with more than we can handle. Seriously, if you're not family don't bring a gift. Maybe donate a few bucks to one of our favorite cancer charities instead? You know the ones we love.

So of course it's Andy's birthday party but also with the "Cancer Sux" theme. Everyone has been touched by cancer one way or another. This is not only a celebration of Andy's full recovery but also just a chance to give a nod, so to speak, to our friends, loved ones, or even ourselves who have had a battle with cancer.

Bring any beer, soda, ice, etc. We will be providing food.

The party will be held at Andy's house.

Please RSVP no later than 7/31. If you're reading this then you have a way of contacting us to RSVP and for directions / address.

Please forward this on to your usual list of people. Maybe I already invited some of them, maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

can we bash Greg in Andy's honor?