Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Kelley News Reel (Andy Update!)

I've either been too sick or too busy to make any significant posts lately, so here goes.

First Andy. We went to the hospital yesterday to meet the surgeon. Seems like a nice guy. He has no problems getting the boy's port out. He was more concerned about the hernia that started it all. Left alone this type of hernia could potentially cause bowel blockage and ultimately... well.. we don't need any more problems.

So they did an ultrasound on Andy who was extremely well-behaved during the procedure. No meds necessary to get him to sit still even!

Once the surgeon looks at the ultrasound he'll decide if Andy still needs to have the hernia fixed. Either way we'll get his surgery scheduled soon.

At the hospital people kept stopping us in the hall to say hello to the little boy in the car who's no longer in the car. A couple of people recognized him from the billboard.

We went to the 4th floor. They were really excited to see him and how healthy he is. One thing I noticed in our stay there was that they always like to see their recovered kids. The fruits of their labor really.

In other news Joey's home! He had a great time. My dad claims they went sightseeing. Joey said they got lost and drove all over Kansas City. All a matter of perspective.

It's looking like shank or be shanked for Joe. Public school for kindergarten and probably first grade. I'm thinking by the time we have 2 in school and 1 at the babysitter we should be able to afford private school.

Joey lost another tooth! It happened while boxing with my brother. Ha!

Emma. What can I say? She's our Em! It still amazes me how fast she is picking up on things just from doing whatever Joey does. She sure looks up to her big bubba.

On the Kandian front, Greg's wife caught him in bed with a man.

On the radom neuron side of things, I do not exceed the speed limit on the highway. If I'm driving across state and the speed limit is 65, I go 65. Not sure why. I just do. Actually yes, I know why. With every action I take on the road, I ask myself, "Can I afford a ticket?" If the answer is no, I don't do it.

Julie's grilling kick continues. Every time I turn around the BBQ pit is fired up. I'm definitely not complaining!

Let's see.. Sports. Why can't the NL win? Why? Why? For the love of hell, guys! Win a damn game! Screw the yankees! Screw the sox!

Economy! Gas prices should be either at their highest point of the year or almost there. Assuming no hurricanes, war, or other uncontrollable significant factors.

Nuke Kanada!

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