Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Last Night's Grandpa Dream

Not exactly an unusual one. But it's a big step backward. We were at his house from when he lived in St. Louis. They're often there. And they often center around the garage for whatever reason.

So I'm doing something in the garage. Waiting for Grandpa and the rest of the Kelleys to show up. The kids are with me. Then Andy ran off. A man brought him back, holding his hand. This man was waiting for Grandpa to show up.

Jung would say the man was the death archetype. Andy ran to him but he brought him back to me. Then the man was waiting for Grandpa to show up. You do your own interpretations but I know how I'm working it out.

So Grandpa finally showed up but the man disappeared for whatever reason.

The back story was that for whatever reason after I left him in Tucson he suddenly got better. I wanted to ask him if he remembered my "last" words to him but couldn't get up the courage.

Then all of a sudden my kids weren't there anymore. While Grandpa was in another room I was crying because I knew the end was near for Grandpa.

Knowing Grandpa was loosing it a bit I asked him if he remembered his great grandson who was undergoing chemo and I brought him up to date on it. It took him a minute but then he remembered. He was happy to hear Andy was doing better but not necessarily overjoyed.

That was the end of the dream.

I had another weird dream last night. We took Andy in to get his port removed. At the same time the city was under an invasion. I got shot on my way in. I had Julie and Andy on the back of a motorcycle trying to get to the hospital as quick as possible while dodging bullets. I wasn't so lucky. But it didn't really hurt that bad.

So we finally got Andy to the hospital. It turns out there was some cancer left and he would have to undergo 3 more chemo cycles.

End of the dream.

Weird night. Explains my lack of energy and my strange mood today.

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