Monday, June 30, 2008


I played my first golf game of 2008 this last Saturday. My office's golf tourney. Our team came in 7 under par (includes 1 mulligan and 2 toss 'ems per person). But we still maanged to come in last place. 14th out of 14 teams. Not sure how that happened. But the schwag. Oh the schwag. It was a fun time.

But now I hurt. I even made it a point to stretch prior to the game. Kept myself hydrated. blah blah.

30 sucks.

I should point out that the running joke of the day was to refer to Greg as a Kanadian. The funny part is that I didn't really infer that he was Kanadian. It just came out. "Why is it that everyone thinks I'm Kanadian?" says Greg. That was funny.

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