Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Neurons Firing!

It's been quite a while since the last time random neurons fired like crazy. Right now I'm sitting here waiting for a job to finish for work, so I have a few spare minutes. Time for a brain dump.

Greg. What else can I say? You're Kanadian. You'll always be Kanadian. Quiche tastes like crap and is only eaten by homosexual Kanadian dwarves. Munchos aren't bad but breakfast? Kanadian!

Kalifornians. Please quit trying to run the country.

This video aired on Noggin which is a channel that the kids watch. I find this disturbing on many levels.

Why aren't displaced flood families screaming for FEMA like in Katrina? Oh yeah, because they actually heeded warnings. And they're not used to having everything handed to them by the government.

PTSD sux!

Cancer sux!

Kanada sux!

Greg sux!

I have a Kandian flag hanging in my basement. Courtesy of Greg of course.

The thinner deli meat is sliced the better it is. Unless it's ham. I love a ham steak.

I'm going to grill some ham steaks. And I'm gonna smother them in habanero jelly while they're on the grill. That will rox!

Andy's running a bit slow, developmentally, from a speech perspective. He's just not wanting to talk. He can understand what you say to him but he just won't talk.

Emma's running a bit slow on potty training. She simply won't go.

Courtney Love is still a skank ho.

"I don't think they realize how much they suck!" -- Dave Grohl, c1992-ish, talking about Extreme.

I have no sympathy for drug addicts. Don't get me wrong, I'm of the view that if people want to do something fun that gives pleasure, go for it! But if you get in too deep, it's your own damn fault, get out of it or go the hell away. You probably got there from feeling sorry for yourself to begin with. of about on under beside.

I can't listen to Champagne Supernova without getting that dreadful feeling.

I still haven't shed a single tear over the whole Andy-cancer thing. Not one.

P&B are honorary Kelleys. We still can't thank the two of them enough for everything they did for us while Andy was sick.

We need to get Greg's mom and dad over for some BBQ sometime soon!

I have a golf tourney coming up this Sunday. Should be fun.

2-year-olds are a pain in the ass!


Anonymous said...

Ummm... that video is a scary rendition of Mr Rogers and Hole who got together to do a child molester - friendly song and accompanying video! That was not made for kids, it was made for all of the creeps who like little kids' shows for the graphic child content!! Ugh.. Thanks Danny, I will now have nightmares for a month. What the hell ever happened to Looney Tunes??!!! What was so bad about that??!! The violence content may have been at a higher level, but at least they didn't promote the molester population!!! Lol!!!!!!!!! Eww. And yeah... Extreme.... one good song, overplayed..... Done.... Oh, and what's with you being in the flowers fatass??!! Lmao!!! That was hilarious!! Oh, the squeaky wheel gets the grease... hence fema stuff... And not all of them were being hand fed by the gov't.... some took too much, some barely got anything.....When are we having ham steaks??!!!!!!!!!! AA and rehab is for quitters!!! Over the years I have forgotten the deep soul searching meaning of Champagne Supernova.... don't quit listening to it. I hve started listening to it again because of this past year and by learning your emotions... and Return to Innocence... I dowloaded them the minute you posted them and have not stopped playing them.... 2 year old are definitely a pain in the ass, but damn you guys have taught me how much they mean and how much I could love the little midgets!!!!!! Never thought that was possible..!! Who knew??!! Lol!!! I love those little shyts!!!! They have completely changed the 2 of us... and so has your family!!! Beside. Unto. Despite. Beneath. Within. Concerning. Ahead. Throughout. Without. Behind.
Thank you for making us honorary family! We love you too! On. Up. Above. Beyond. Atop. Upon. Biotch. Holla. Poopsqueak. Beer Beer. Ooo Ahh.
Love ya!
Bindy and Paycheck

p.s. french Kanadian lesbians from SoCo rox!!!!!! Lol!

p.p.s. Who knew there was a preposition website??!!!! Lmao!!!!!!

Ariesgeek said...

Why the Enigma song? Linkskie?