Monday, June 2, 2008

Spheksophobia Season is Here!

Yes, spheksophobia. It's the fear of wasps. Actually it's the fear of stinging insects. Ever since I was stung in the head by a wasp at age 10 I've had spheksophobia. When I see anything with a stinger be it a wasp, hornet, or even a honeybee, I run. I need to get away from the thing. In fact there are a few days throughout the spring and summer where these insects are out in full force. I don't even go outside on these days.

Sure, make fun of me for it. Everyone else does. This adds to the anxiety knowing that I'll be ridiculed for it, which in the end exacerbates the problem.

I know it's an irrational fear, as is my fear of heights and my fear of water. That's why it's a full-blown phobia, not just a fear.

I've heard that there are shrinks who can help one fix phobias in one session. Maybe it will be worth forking over the dough for an hour or 2 to get rid of this fear and the ridicule that goes along with it.

Oh well. Back to my work. Happy Monday everyone.

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