Friday, June 13, 2008

Grandpa Dreams

I keep having Grandpa dreams. For some reason I always remember them. I don't remember very many dreams.

I have a feeling that when Grandpa is finally "gone" in my dreams, I'll be past this.

In my dreams I know he shouldn't be here. But he is. Lately he's been getting more and more distant, almost as though he is, in fact, dead but is visiting. In the last couple of dreams his voice has been there but he isn't there. I'm wondering if this means it's getting close.

The good news is that I haven't had a high school dream in a while. :)


Anonymous said...

Dan, I don't know if this is at all helpful, but I think what you're experiencing might be pretty common. My mom's been gone for 23 years and I had the same kinds of dreams. I also knew she shouldn't really be there (I mean, I knew and she knew she was dead but she was sort of visiting us in the dream -- sometimes she was giving me advice, sometimes just kind of hanging out with no constructive purpose that I could figure out), and I always remembered those dreams although it was out of the ordinary for me to remember dreams. We also discussed the afterlife once in a while. I had them for a long time and still have them really rarely, maybe once a year. But they definitely got fewer and farther between as time went on, and in my case, the longer time went on the less unsettling they got and the less they bothered me. I hope yours either go away soon or become less troubling for you. But I think they're pretty normal. (That's making the huge assumption that both you and I are normal!)

Mary across the street

Anonymous said...

When my dad past I had a great fear of forgeting him. I wonder if it's similar for you? I don't know I just want to help you in anyway I can. Holla