Monday, June 16, 2008

Ribs, Ribs, and More Ribs! Yay!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my second favorite thing in the world is ribs. And this weekend, despite the oncall crap, was quite the rib weekend!

Saturday we went over to B&P's for B's birthday. Happy birthday! Anyway, P made some awesome ribs. Pork spare ribs and babybacks. Slow smoked, all day long, at a low temp. Homemade BBQ sauce. They were excellent! Julie always grills pork spares (and they RAWK!), but I think this was my first time having smoked pork spares.

Sunday we went to my mom's. Then I got paged. While I was working Julie went to lunch with her dad at Applebee's and brought me back some ribs. I had them for lunch today. Yay ribs!

After we left my mom's we went to my dad's. He made some ribs as well, starting the night before. They, too, were excellent.

I love ribs. I think I may do some daddy-style BBQ ribs this weekend, slow-smoked of course. We'll see.

While I was at my dad's, I fed Loogie. Remember Loogie, the dog who eats everything? I wanted to make sure he had his fiber so I ripped up a paper towel into small pieces and fed it to him one at a time. He absolutely loved it. He gobbled down the pieces faster than I could tear them. He ate a shovel recently so I figured he needed extra fiber to properly digest and pass the iron from the shovel.

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