Monday, July 20, 2009


1.38T for SS/Medicare/Medicaid + 758B for housing & commerce (bailouts) + 690B defense + 106B unemployment = apprx 4 TRILLION dollars government spending. in 1 year! YOU voted for this, America! Hope and Change sure is expensive.

Sorry Joey, Emma, and Andy. You and your kids will have to pay for this. :(

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Anonymous said...

Everyone who voted for change is getting what they asked for, a little change in your pocket after payday! I am not political by nature, but when will the insanity end? Now, wanna get some of those trillions back? Go after the oil (commodities) speculators and do not stop!!!! Once they are under control, the recession will end and we will all once again be able to afford food, gas, durable goods, hell maybe even a trip out to eat once in a while. Oh wait, $80,000 in debt for every man, woman and child.....hmmmm.....Kanada sounds nicer by the minute.