Thursday, January 10, 2008

FP! W00t!

Now that Andy is free of cancer I'm not entirely sure what to do. It's time to freeze his blog and let it go. Although we still have more work to do, that episode is basically over.

But I love the therapeutic factor of putting my thoughts down for the entire world to read and laugh at. I love picking on Greg. I love pissing people off with my dry sense of humor that nobody seems to get except for Greg, my wife, and my dad. Even moreso, I love writing. I always have. Well. No. I hate writing. But I love typing! And I love being creative.

If you don't get the title it means you're not a geek. I won't hold that against you. Ok, actually, I will. No. I won't. I'll be nice.

No, I won't be nice. It's not in my character. I'm going to piss people off. I can guarantee this. I'm not racist or sexist. In fact I have many friends who are of color and/or are women. I have nothing against any religion. In fact I have many friends of all kinds of religions. I have nothing against gays. In fact I have many gay friends. I have nothing against people from Lemay. In fact I have friends in Lemay. I actually have nothing against Kanadians, but I LOVE to pick on them. In fact, I have a few friends who are of Kanadian descent. I have nothing against people from any foreign countries (except France), but believe me if you're not from the US you will get bashed. I have nothing against people who live in California, but trust me if you live in California you will hate me within a year.

Why? Generally it's to be funny or to relieve stress. However, I gotta say that my hatred for California is real and I will pick on you to no end because you're pretentious assholes who think the whole country should be run the way you run your sorry excuse for a state. You singlehandedly destroyed the wonderful city of Tucson with your pretentious ways. Gee thanks.

You still here? Good! I was hoping I wouldn't lose too many of you. I loved reading your comments on Andy's site. Please feel free to comment all you want! Sorry to sound so harsh but when I offend you later, I can point back to this first post as a reminder.

So welcome to the Ramblings of the Kelley Dad! Stay tuned for Andy updates, picking on Kanadians, verbally destroying Greg, and other nonsensical ramblings.

Yeah, I know the template of the website is pretty generic. I'll change it as time goes on. Deal with it.

Hey Greg. You suck. Of on with under behind of.

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paipaiscanlo said...

those of us living in lemay will soon be recycling therfore making us productive members of society!! Punks step up to get beat down!!!!!!!!!! at by in on to but for out from into unto onto upon with after. Poop Squeak!!!!!!!!!!!!
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