Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update on Andy, Update on Me

First, the important guy. Andy. He's doing great. He's doing better than great. He's awesome! He continues to learn to walk. In fact, he's getting pretty good at it. I look for him to be 100% walking by the end of next week. He's eating nonstop. Actually he's turned into quite the little chunker butt. I can't wait to see how much he weighs. He's saying a couple of words like "Uh oh!" and "Hey!" and "Hi!" and "Ow!" But he's really understanding a lot. He can be crawling toward Emma and you tell him to walk to Joey and he will. He definitely knows what "No!" means.

Now me. Still no word from the doctor, I guess I'll have to wait until my appt. on Monday. Which tells me they didn't find anything. Hopefully it's just an ulcer or something. I dunno. Kinda weird. The pain and nausea are getting a bit better.

Make fun of me all you want, but Queensryche is really cool to see live. I saw them in 1995 with Type O Negative. That was probably the best I've ever seen them. But I dunno, they're very good musicians. Go ahead. Tell me I'm stuck in the 90s. The guys at work tell me that all the time, I'm used to it.

Long post later re: economy. I'm too tired to post now, but it's a must-read if you're in any of the lower 4 quintiles. 3 anyway. No. 4. Definitely.

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Anonymous said...

Let me start by informing you that being a Queensryche fan does not make you stuck in the 90's. That would be like saying that your Adam Venateri blow-up doll you hide in your closet makes you gay. It doesn't, though it does show the world that you're a complete freak!
The fact is that the Queensryche self-titled debut was in 1983. They had several albums in the 80's, 90's nd 00's. They have been putting out great music for 25 friggin years. Not too many bands can say that! Not failing to mention, their music is very thought provoking.
Glad to hear the updates on Andy, my only question is how the hell does he know what NO means and can you teach it to my daughter (pronounced dafter, just as it's spelled)? She is the spawn of pure evil (shuddup Julia), she just smiles and does whatever the hell she wants.
I think you have chronic Kanadian winter maple syrup syndrome, Daniel. The only cure is a bag of munchos (the breakfast of kanadians!). Inside joke...Do ya think the gal at the quick stop giggles everytime someone buys a bag of them?
Well, go take out your frustrations on Adam, but spare me the details.