Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dad's Chillout Room - No Smoking

Yes ladies and gentlemen look at the time. It's 12:22AM. I'm just now finishing my basement.

I should back up. I worked today. In fact I worked half of yesterday. I'm better. I'm not 100% but I'm better.

While I've been sleeping for the last few days I've been thinking about my basement. My basement is also caled my "office" and the word "office" is always in quotes. It's my place. At least the half on the southwest is my place.

So a bunch of ideas have been running through my head over the last few days. Today is the first day I've actually felt like doing anything. I worked 8 hours today and got to a good stopping point so I was done. I can play the long-hour-day game next week.

So after work I cleaned up my "office" with much help from Julie. I kinda decorated it. The theme is basement. Appropriate, eh? Basically everything I did to the place involves taking something that's been in my basement for years doing nothing and putting it to use.

Tell ya what. I'll post some pics. Lemme go snap a couple.

Ok I'm back. I sure wish I had some "before" pics. We put a lot of work into the basement tonight. We turned it from a cave into a new room in the house. w00t!

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Anonymous said...

No smoking? What kind of Kanadian dumbass rule is that? Fine, I will take a big ole chaw of Redman and spit all over your liberal loving ass basement!