Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Andy Update

Andy's oncologist called. His AFP number is 3. Yep. 3. That's awesome! She was also very happy with the way he looked when she saw him.

Andy is now 18 months old. And guess what? He's an 18-month-old baby! He's saying a few words, he's walking. I don't really know how to describe it. But he's caught up.

Yay Andy!


Mr. E. Man said...

That's great news!!! Now that he's doing so well, will you PLEASE teach him that when someone raises BIG pre-flop....Throw the damn J/5 away. Teach him that when he is absolutely dominated, throw the hand away and don't be one of those idiot Kanadians and defend a lousy blind til the end of time!!!! Yes, I am still steaming over that dingleberry (sorry, did not mean to insult poor defenseless dingleberries). My kingdom for a sticky note!!!!!

Mr. E. Man said...

BTW, just found this review of the show. Guess what??? There's a set list...wooohoooo (for those of us who may have had one or two too many Bud Lights!) Click on the link below, or copy paste it, Whichever works.


Anonymous said...

Whoops, looks like it cut it off (ontop of beside above). Try #2 (hehehe...number 2..poop)