Saturday, February 2, 2008

Health Update, Cute Pic

It was awesome getting a burst of energy last night. I think it was just pent up from being laid-up all week. I'm happy to report that for the first time I woke up this morning and wasn't in pain or nauseated. I can still feel whatever is bothering me but it doesn't hurt. Kinda weird. Maybe my appendix was swollen and it's healing? Dunno.

You'd think that after being up until almost 1:00am working on my basement I'd be able to sleep in? Wrong. I'm a dad. Remember?

We had a good amount of snow here in St. Louis a couple days ago. When I was going through the camera last night I came across this pic. Cute huh? They were so excited when they realized what was going on. Andy had no clue but he knew his brother and sister were excited so he got excited. At least we know Andy's succeptable to mass hysteria.


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