Sunday, August 10, 2008

Andy's Party

Judging by the calls I'm getting from hungover people, I'd say it was a good time!

After grilling 60 burgers, 60 brats, 20 hot dogs, and the peppers for the black beans & rice, I joined the party, already in progress. The turnout was good, and everyone had a good time. I spent all day moving from group of people to group of people, mingling, etc. It was awesome.

We really appreciate everyone's coming out. It meant a lot to us. And I think we can all agree it went a LOT better than Andy's birthday a year ago. It was certainly a lot more fun than we were having 365 days beforehand (the day of Andy's diagnosis).

Mr. Andy was the center of attention and he knew it. He loves attention and yesterday it was all pretty much aimed directly at Andy. It was awesome.

Thank you all again. I need to go out to the backyard to finish cleanup. And thank you all for using the trash / recycle bins. Fortunately cleanup wasn't bad at all. :)

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Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyyyy Aaahhh Uuuuuu!!!!!!!!