Monday, August 4, 2008

Brown Recluses

Yeah, we have 'em. Fortunately I do not have arachnophobia. It's close, but it's not there. In fact, I've peacefully coexisted with quite a number of brown spiders for the last year or two in the basement. I even had a friend who I watched go through his entire life cycle over the course of a few weeks.

I always assumed they were wood spiders, perfectly harmless.

Then we discovered that they are brown recluses. Naturally I freaked.

We (ok, Brandy and Julie) got rid of a bunch of em. But it's still freaky. Knowing they were brown recluses. Downright freaky.

We were going to get all of our Christmas boxes moved to the attic prior to Andy's party. This won't be happening now, as that's the kind of place where my friends the recluses like to hang out. I'll wait until we can get an exterminator.


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