Monday, August 25, 2008

Cah Leh!

No I'm not pronouncing my last name funny. I'm not naming mantras from the cardinal Ultima series. I'm actually speaking Andese.

It's no secret that Andy is running a bit behind in speech development. Chemotherapy slows things down. You remember us being worried about his not walking just before he started walking. His doctor wants him to be saying 2-3 word sentences within a month or we may be looking at speech therapy.

He points and grunts. He has a couple of words he says but usually when he wants something he just points and grunts or says, "Hey!" I'm trying to break him of it. I made him tell me he wanted a cup. Then I made him tell me he wanted milk. The result was "Cah leh!" (cup milk)

He's getting there. If he needs a bit of speech therapy, no biggie.

Don't sweat the small things. And nothing in life is big.

Pics coming soon! Julie if you're reading this, post some of your favorites on your Myspace and I'll link them to this page. Of course you're reading this. Do it. ;)

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