Monday, February 23, 2009

Andy Update

It looks like Andy may be at the end of his speech therapy, at least so sayeth the insurance company who has never met him and has no idea what's going on with his ST. Although I hope they decide he can continue, I feel comfortable with his speech now. He's a bit behind the curve but he is catching up. My pocketbook could use a break from the copays, so it's not all bad.

The big guy has an appointment at the Costas Center on Thursday. He'll get some blood work, maybe a chest X-Ray, and possibly an EKG. One of his chemo meds, Doxorubicin, has the potential to cause heart problems, hence the EKG.

I'm looking forward to going on Thursday. I feel so comfortable and safe when I'm at the hospital with Andy. Just kinda an "everything will be just fine" feeling. I guess that's a good thing.

Kanada sux.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, I've been following your blog now and then. I'm glad to know Andy's doing so well (and Joey my storyteller and Emma too). I have a quick technical question about the Family Room at Glennon, which is apparently now good for wireless Internet access. Sorry to mix business in with your blog, though, but I know you can help me. As a complete computer idiot, I need to know. A dad came in there last week and tried to connect and he was okay, but then he got a message something like he might not be totally secure hooking up in there. I told him I thought it was okay but he was paranoid. He wasn't much smarter than me as far as computers go. Any ideas what I should have told him or how I should have found out? (I called the Family Room Director but unfortunately I think I know more about computers than her, and obviously that's not saying much.)

Your neighbor Mary across the street.

Ariesgeek said...

That message is safe to ignore. It has to do with the fact that the security cert has expired. Firefox provides an error message that really makes people paranoid about things like that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I thought it was something like that.

Hope the hair's coming in okay! If you do St. Baldrick's again this year make sure we know about it!

Ariesgeek said...

It's coming in. St. Baldrick's is a week from Saturday, I go at 1:30. I'll be making a post later about it.