Saturday, February 7, 2009

Andy's First Infection Since.... You Know.

Andy seems to have a sinus infection. Emma has a double ear infection so I'm sure one shared with the other.

Here's the thing. This is Andy's first infection with his new white blood cells. No he didn't get a marrow transplant. But remember that last round of chemo pretty much destroyed his marrow. So this is truly his first infection with new marrow.

I'm a bit nervous. I know it's just a sinus infection. Heck, I'm not worried about Emma at all and she has a double ear infection! But this is uncharted territory. I'm feeling awkward. I realized this yesterday (Friday) evening and part of me thinks I should have called his oncologist because I know this is the type of thing she wants to know. I also know that when we talk to her on Monday I'll be in trouble for not calling over the weekend. But I also know that if I page the oncologist on call it will mean an ER trip for counts and such, depending on who's on duty.

He hasn't been running any fevers, so I know his white blood cells are doing their job.

Still, something has felt wrong for the last 24 hours and I haven't been able to put my finger on it. Sure it's sad that Louie died, but I don't feel like that's it. I don't know why, but I'm worried about Andy. I've been worried about him for about a week now. I don't have a real reason to be worried, at least that I know of. But it's that connection that Andy and I had. When something was wrong I could feel it. When he was healing I could feel it. When he was feeling well, I could feel it. I've had quite a few false alarms on those dreadful feelings, so I'm not going to let it consume me.

I'm going to call the Costas Center on Monday. I think he may be due for his checkup, so we were going to call anyway. Also, I know this is the kind of thing his oncologist would want to know about, so I at least want to inform her. Finally, if I tell his oncologist or his nurse that I've had that feeling lately, they'll probably react appropriately, whatever that may mean. They always have in the past.

The big guy is taking a nap now. He woke up at something insane like 3am this morning. I was up with him for some of that, Julie for most of it.

Back to the basement. Putting up some shelving.

Final note: Incase you haven't noticed, most of my posts have labels. I'm sick of seeing the combination of "Andy" and "Cancer" labels.

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