Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I should have expected this

Under Hussein's stimulus package, low-income families who DON'T EVEN PAY INCOME TAX will be receiving the $1000 child tax credit.



Anonymous said...

WTF is about as accurate as one can be about it. It is now being called the trifecta for the poor. The poor (most of which are unemployed BY CHOICE) will get increased welfare checks, more food stamps and an extra $1,000 child credit. It's like hitting a mini lottery.
What happened to the tax breaks for the middle class-oh wait, yes, that's right, I remember now. We will get an extra $7 per week from paying less federal tax. WOW, $7 a week. BTW, this will result in lower tax refunds in Spring of 2010, so it's not even a gift.
Maybe his campaign should have been "Keep the Change" instead of time for change? Maybe "Give the Change" (as in to the dregs of society)?
You know, all this Canada bashing was fun, but I wonder if maybe it's not such a bad place to move? Sure, you have to deal with the cold, but at least we would have money to pay the F@#*ing heating bill!

Ariesgeek said...

Ya know.. I'm going to move to Kanadia if we spend another $20B to bail out Detroit AGAIN.