Friday, April 24, 2009

DIY Hi-Fidelity Recording for the Cheapass Geek

I think my Facebook update a few days ago was something along the lines of, "is doing some recording with an SM-57, a home brew mic preamp, and Audacity. I'm an amateur music tech and I'm a PC."

The Sure SM-57 is the mic that people think of when they think instrument recording. It's an omnidirectional mic, which means it doesn't just pick up the sound in front of it, it picks up the sound all around it. But the thing is, it has a fairly focused range.

What this means is that I suspended a single SM-57 from the ceiling above my drums and recorded using a home brew mic preamp. And the playback sounded like someone was sitting there playing the drums. That is, by definition, Hi-Fi.

And I did it on the cheap.

The key was to make a high-quality +-15V power supply. You'll recall this from an earlier post to which I won't link because I'm lazy (use the search function darn you!).

So anyway I had some fun last night recording drums, cranking up my amplifier, and playing my guitar along with myself on the drums in Hi-Fi. It roxed.

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