Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm an American!

W Sr, BJ Clinton, W, and now B Hussein have all been very polarizing presidents. Pelosi and Gengrich also come to mind as very polarizing speakers. Now everyone is either liberal or conservative.

They're all extremeists.

I'm an American. I believe in small government. I see no problem with gay marriage. I hate paying for baby-factory mammas who refuse to get a job because they'll lose their gummet check. Why is marijuana illegal? Why raise taxes for ANYONE? A woman's body is her choice (sorry Julie but it's how I feel). Laws of the land should NOT be based on a code of laws that is thousands of years old and applies to tribal society. If you don't make enough to pay taxes, you should NOT receive any tax credits. Government should stay the hell out of private business. Government should stay the hell out of my life. Government should hire the best contractor for the job, not X number of minority-owned businesses regardless of merit. Only rednecks and the financially uninformed think a flat tax is a good idea. Why the hell is marijuana illegal? And what the hell is so wrong with 2 people of the same gender getting married? And why won't government stay out of my life???


You get the idea.

I'm so sick of liberals and conservatives.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!! To hear those words ... so loud and profound ... coming from you is an awesome thing!!!! Coming from anyone, they are outstanding .... But from you ... I just really want you to know how much that means ....
Thank you.
P.S. P sez on, atop, above, beside.

Anonymous said...

Marijuana is not legal because it is fun and many people enjoy it. You may notice that there are a lot of things that are really fun, yet illegal. I will not go into detail, as they are too numerous in number to write and the statute of limitations has not expired on some of them!
As far as gay marriage, I fully support it. Any two people that are fortunate enough to find each other and want to share their lives together, no government should stop them! They should have all the rights of any married couple. Besides, it would probably drop the divorce rate from the current 50%.
Gumment checks??? Man, I cannot even get into that one. Anybody that knows me, knows exactly where I stand on that issue!
Although I have a 4 year degree from Webster, I do not consider myself an economic/financial wizard. That being said, do not be so hasty to shoot down a flat tax rate. Yes, based on our current model, it would not work. However, when you phase out all the loopholes for deductions and actually get it running, there are some benefits. No more refunds would be one positive. That means, NOBODY gets nothing for free. You pay a percentage, no matter how much or how little! No more credits because you cannot use the pill or close your legs. No more hand-outs. Business could not write off millions, as they would be paid. The rich could not hide their fortunes. We, in the middle class, would not give the gumment an interest free loan so we can get a nice little check for 20% of what we paid for the year. Too bad Ross Perot was such a pansy, he actually had some good ideas!
Alas, I must go collect some more thoughts from my throne of knowledge (it's the shitter for all you chics).
Apparently P is dominate, as she put all the prepositions, except below! 3 or hers are from the superior position, psychologically speaking. Hmmmm....(scratching chin with thumb and index finger).

Ariesgeek said...

Ross Perot? Nice. :)