Monday, April 20, 2009

So What's New?

Been busy lately? Yeah me too. Now that Manbearpig is finally here we're finally able to get some outdoor work done. I put the finishing touches on Julie's new flower box outside. 4' x 20'. It's a big monster. Heavy too. 2x6 cedar. The worst part about it was getting a couple coats of glossy white on it. But it's pretty cool. Now we just need to put something in it!

In other news, Greg still sux. And he's still Kanadian.

Emma picked up an ear infection. She was running fevers around 102.8, thereabouts. Andy picked up the fever part from her but not the ear infection so that's good.

Emma's really getting quite a personality on her. I love 3-year-olds. They're awesome. But 2-year-olds are still a pain in the ass.

We're dumping Dish Network and getting AT&T U-Verse. For the same monthly price we'll get DVR in 5 rooms, better picture quality, more channels, and best of all we'll still have TV regardless of the weather. I call it a win-win.

Nothing much new going on. Just been busy.

How about you? Seems nobody really wants to comment very much anymore.

Greg: gfy.

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Anonymous said...

If Greg could GFH, do you think he would have married? BTW, 9 lil ole days from now, some lucky a$$es will be in KC at a Queensryche concert!!!!