Thursday, April 23, 2009

RIP Cooper

Cooper has shown his last act of aggression. Cooper is the black lab mix who's always had an attitude problem. Last night he bit my neighbor which was pretty much the final straw.

I guess I've seen this coming which is why I'm not too horribly upset. Julie on the other hand... well... give her a call with some nice words, it will make her day.

I'm almost a bit relieved. I've always been afraid that he would either send one of my kids to the ER or even put a lawsuit on my hands. At least with him being gone my kids are a bit safer, as is my wallet.

Cooper was our first dog. We got him when we lived in the apartment. He's been there for all of it. We'll miss him.

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Anonymous said...

sooo sad! Even when pets are aggressive and we have to put them down for the safety of others, it still hurts just as much to lose them. I hope that your emotional healings aren't too rough, especially on the kids.

Karen "Kintz" Kania