Monday, April 7, 2008

First "BBQ" of the Season

So the first "BBQ" of the season is now under our belts. I put "BBQ" in quotes because in St. Louis, we refer to grilling as BBQ. In fact, St. Louis-style BBQ is actually grilled not barbecued at all.

No pork steaks. We had brats and salciccias. Instead of coming from Schnucks, though, they came from a local German meat market. They were awesome.

I took some Maull's and added some Budweiser and a buttload of garlic. Let it simmer a bit. It was a great complement.

Of course you'll recall some inconsiderate kid decided to melt plastic all over my grill at Andy's first birthday, so we're using a loaner grill for the time being.

It was good. I did BBQ, Julie did her famous potato salad and other indoor goodies. I threw back a few and wound up with a buzz. The weather was great. The kids played outside.

It felt good being a normal dad again.

Now a word on Saint Louis-style BBQ. Also known as South City BBQ.

It starts with the meat selection. The meat notoriously comes from either Schnucks or another local meat market including but not limited to Soulard Farmer's Market. The St. Louis staple is a pork steak. For those of you not from the area, a pork steak is simply a pork butt sliced into steaks.

Along with pork steaks, we usually do brats, salciccas, or another type of sausage. Burgers, too, are commonplace as is chicken.

The next step is to fire up the grill. Notice I said grill not smoker. St. Louis style "BBQ" means grilling in a Weber.

Once a good fire is going, throw it on! Burgers and chicken. go over the direct heat. Sausages and pork steaks go farther away from the fire.

Turn often!

If a fire flares up, throw a bit of beer on it.

Once the meat is almost done, grab your Maull's BBQ sauce and slop it on. If some of the sauce chars, that's fine. Personally I don't like burned sauce so I keep a very close eye on it and only let it go for a couple of minutes. Just long enough to make the sauce pretty much stick to the meat.

When it comes off the grill, it's moved to a dish that is full of Maull's. Drown that meat! Let it stand 5 - 10 minutes before eating.

Finish watching the Cardinals game, have one more beer, then make the kids clean up the mess.

That's St. Louis-style BBQ.

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Anonymous said...

Oh hell, you don't know what you're talking about. I think you need to talk to someone from Arnold and then you will learn ALL about how to properly BBQ. You don't know what the hell you're doing, Friend! Lemme tell you, Guy, I have a friend who is a grill king. Sure, I haven;t actually seen him BBQ but once in 10-12's like riding a bike, ontop of beside above!