Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nice Weekend

I had a great birthday weekend (kinda)! Let's recap:

Friday - Emma woke me up at 6:00am as usual. But it's ok, I'm off work! No biggie. Wait for Joey & Andy to wake up, take them to my mom's. We hung out there for a bit. By the time I came home, Julie left work early to hang out with me on my birthday. We went out to eat at PF Chang's. After Chang's we hung out a bit. We wound up at Schlafley Bottleworks.

We had a couple drinks there, got a growler, then went to the Central West End with her sister & brother-in-law. The idea was we were going to dinner at Bar Louie. Absolutely no-frickin-where to park and it was cold as hell. After a bit of driving around I got frustrated so we came back to the house, I ate leftover pizza, then we went to a local place for a bit.

We were both asleep by 9pm.

Saturday - No hangover! I was hoping to have a hangover the day after the 10th anniversary of my 20th birthday. But I didn't. It turns out you need to drink to have one. Go figure.

So anyway we picked up Andy and took him to a photo shoot at the hospital. He is to be one of the kids featured on billboards, posters, etc. Good pics of him in the little car that he became synonomous with during his stays at the hospital.

That bothered me a bit. See, the last few days something has been bothering me in regards to Andy. I dunno. But that car. It sent chills down my spine. I think it's too soon, too fresh, too raw, to be exposed to that car.

Ok, put that behind us, ignore the coldass weather, and play with my new birthday present. Namely, my new grill! So I put on my leather coat and my hat to protect my ears from the 20-degrees-below-normal April chill. I went outside and I grilled. And it was good.

We had a fun Saturday with quite a few guests. A great time was had by all! I ate so much food that I simply couldn't handle it anymore. I was literally in pain.

And I think there was something in those brownies from Dweeze!

Sunday - We've pretty much hung out all day. The kids were generally well-behaved.

Emma put a piece of candy in her nose. Deep up there. We couldn't get it out. We were in the truck getting ready to go to the ER when she finally sneezed it out.

Just another day in paradise.

Oh, BTW, why the "Kinda"? Like I said, I'm still reeling a bit from what we went through with Andy. Some days are better than others. Friday & Saturday were bad days for those thoughts. And yes I know what you're thinking. I'll be calling my doctor this week.

By the way, many folks have asked about Greg. Here is some video:


Anonymous said...

"never gonna let you" catchy tune. That greg dude must ROCK!!! Man, does he do any Winger?

Anonymous said...

Give me more Greg bashing I love it. The banter is amazing! Hollywood writers can't do this!!!
Sorry we missed your unbirthday!!
We love you
Poop Squeak!!