Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Good Birthday

Busy birthday season for the Kelleys!

Julie's birthday went well. She hung out with some of her friends Friday evening. We went out for an awesome dinner then to a local neighborhood bar on Saturday. We were joined by good friends. Sunday was her actual birthday and it was at her mom's. Julie is an awesome cook and it's because she learned from her mother. Her sister made a really good sugar-free cake out of Diet Pepsi! I tell ya what, when a Gambill girl makes food, it's awesome!

The kids had a great time too. Joey continues to amaze me with his batting. I was throwing some "fastballs" past him. Not reall fast but faster than he should be able to handle. He turned on a couple and killed them.

While this was going on I managed to get the front porch steps / stringers replaced. This is a good thing.

So now it's Monday. Back to work.

Have a great week everyone! (except Greg)

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