Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy (Late) Birthday Becky

My little cousin would be.. Hmm.. 27? I think 27. Her birthday was yesterday. We lost her about a year ago to cancer.

Becky had neurofibromatosis (sp?). Generically speaking you could say she was mentally retarded. So she's been somewhat special all her life. But ya know, we never really treated her differently. We treated her like Becky. Just like we treat Greg like Greg. Or Joey like Joey. Of course when we were kids we picked on her but that's just because she was the only girl.

Becky LOVED Minnie Mouse. She loved Apple Pucker. She loved going to the boat. She loved her grandmother. She loved going to the boat with her grandmother. She would never admit it but she loved her family and family functions. She loved country music. She loved life.

We miss having Becky around. It's just not the same without her. It's not Christmas without Becky's "Merry Fucking Christmas!"

Happy fucking birthday Becky. I'm sure Grandma took you to the boat up in heaven for your birthday.

BTW, I'm sorry to hear about Sen. Kennedy. Nobody deserves to go through what he's getting ready to go through. He'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

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