Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas

We had a great Christmas Eve. We were both off work. I finished wrapping presents today. Yeah. You heard me. I'm the one who does the Christmas present wrapping around here. And I've always hated it. I'm good at it for whatever reason (Patience (formerly known as P but from whom I now have permission to use her name) says it's the price I pay for being gay) so that means I do the wrapping.

I'll pause while you go back and read that sentence again for clarity. Ok now read it again. Yes Greg, that should be a perfectly viable English sentence. Obfuscated as hell but viable.

So anyway I always hated wrapping because of the cutting. Last year Julie got a $9 wrapping paper cutter thingy made by Scotch. The thing is she bought it after Christmas so she paid $1 for it.

This thing rox. It actually made presents FUN again. Not that they were ever really a hoot and a holler.

So yeah, presents were wrapped. We went to my mom's for my stepdad's family's Christmas family function. That was fun as always. Ham roxed!

We were home with the bratasses in bed by 8:30. We cleaned up a bit for tomorrow's festivities. Moved the presents upstairs. Santa, Julie, and I had a beer. She went to bed. I downloaded the new just-released MediaPortal 1.0. Then I posted this. Now I'm going to bed.

Merry Christmas to All, and to Greg gfy.

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