Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Bottom and a Heads Up

You heard it here first. I predicted the tech bubble popping almost to the month. I predicted the housing bubble popping, but was off by about a year. I daresay I even predicted oil pretty much accurately.

Sell your gold. Get out. We've probably reached the bottom of this recession. As things get better, your gold will become less stable. Get out now.

As with tech and housing, I'll say I hope I'm wrong on this. But I haven't been wrong yet. The track record is there. It walks like a duck. It quacks like a duck.

Thanks for playing.


Anonymous said...

As you are reaching to pat yourself on the back, please be careful not to injure your arm. BTW, can you provide some written documentation to these predictions that you, may or may not have, made?
How very vague of a prediction. I mean, you may as well have said, "The Cubs will win the World Series."
How about giving a sell by date or price, say like when it drops by $187 or the 18th of July (notice the 187 references). I mean, come on, put some balls where your mouth is...wait a sec??? Oh well, you know what I mean.
Now, on the other hand, I did say almost 10 days ago that if Brett Favre (pronounced Favree) returns to the NFL, he will wear a Viking uniform. Ummm, notice ESPN is running with the story, 10 days later. I still stick with my prediction that the Falcons will win the NFC this year.
The only certain prediction you made was that Michael (the dog killer) Vick will return to the NFL as the Cowboys QB.
So, come on Nostrodumass, let's hear a sell price for gold. BTW, it gained $7.30 since you wrote this yesterday.

Ariesgeek said...

No clue on a sell price. As for the proof, ask my wife. You know she wouldn't lie to make me look good. In fact she may lie to make me look bad. :)

It's common sense. When too many hands are in the cookie jar, eventually someone will get caught. Don't let it be you. Predicting the time -- That's my pat myself on the back. And I can't do that this time.