Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh wow, I have 2 extra minutes.

Just got back from the hospital. Andy had a CT scan. I really can't wait until we're done with these. I can't possibly imagine if one came back positive though. Ouch, that would hurt.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, that's such a wonderful place full of wonderful people.

We walked in and we were immediately greeted with, "Oh, look at Andy! He's so big! He looks so healthy!"

On to the Costas Center. "I didn't even recognize him! He's not a baby! Look how healthy he is. He was SOOO sick when he was here." The reactions were the same from pretty much all the Costas nurses.

Andy's Costas nurse stuck him with an IV to get blood and to get ready for his CT. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" I think he totally forgot about the port, which is a good thing. He was really upset about being stuck.

Costas play room. Andy made a bee line for the toy that he always played with every time we were there. Weird. There was a mother of an apparently newly-diagnosed child in there fighting back tears while watching her son play. I remember being in that position right around noon on August 9, 2007.

Continuing on the journey, the radiology staff recognized Andy immediately and was happy as usual to see him. They had to take a picture of him because his usual people were out today. That made me feel pretty good.

Andy was a really good boy for his CT. He didn't even need to be sedated this time. He held perfectly still and was brave as can be.

Back to Costas. His oncologist was really happy to see him and to see how healthy he is. She was nice enough to remind me just how sick he was during treatment. :-/ Anyway, she said he looks great. She wants to see him in 3 months with another CT in 6 months.

When we were done we went upstairs to eat. Because of the possibility of sedation, Andy didn't eat or drink anything after breakfast this morning. And as usual, if he doesn't eat or drink, I don't eat or drink. Needless to say we were both hungry.

So I got him a hot dog. He loves hot dogs. I cut up 5 pieces for him and stopped. Because as you know, when he was in the hospital we were happy to see him eat 5 bites of a hot dog. My how things have changed. He woofed down that 1/4-lb hotdog like it was air.

We stopped by the 4th floor but nobody was around, looks like they were pretty busy. So now we're home.

And now I'm hitting the couch. I'm tired, stressed, and had a really long and somewhat traumatic day.

If you need me I'll be on the dark side of the moon for a while.


Anonymous said...

P says you're a poop squeak and a beer beer ..... and we are both so happy for him! That kid is so awesome! As are all of your kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give them hugs for us!

Sienna said...

:( I'm so sorry you had to go through that