Saturday, May 30, 2009

It can never go as planned

So I got snipped last Friday. Not yesterday. A week ago yesterday. The pain was unbearable and my doctor told me it shouldn't be like that. I was eating Vicodin like candy and the pain still persisted.

If you're not into TMI, then skip to the next paragraph. It's happened to me before and I should have thought about it. I have an infection in my left guy. That explains all the pain. At one point it was bigger than a golf ball, almost the size of a billiards ball.

I was on the couch in pain all friggin week. It really sucked. And this is not the first time in my life it has happened.

If you're thinking of getting a vasectomy, go for it. The procedure really isn't that bad and I'm basically recovered from the surgery. But if you have a history of getting infections down there, tell your urologist! If the injection feels like a mosquito bite, you're in good shape. If it feels like you're being stabbed with a pencil while it's in a vice, something is wrong and you should tell your urologist!

We're not out of the woods yet. We could still get pregnant within the next month or 2. If it happens, then it was meant to be and it will be our last. If it doesn't happen then we were meant to have 3. Simple as that.

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