Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary Julie!

5 years on the 15th. But Joey just turned 6? Yeah, we were living in sin. See you in hell, Greg.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary you lovebirds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol! Xoxoxoxo!

Anonymous said...

Good evening, my name is Legions, for I have many names. However, most of you know me as the Devil. I read you little post and decided to comment. Long time reader, first time poster.
Greg is not welcome down here. He is what, even I, refer to as the essence of evil. I like my eternal darkness and do not need him down here. First, he will bitch about all the other idiots en route to the nether world. No doubt he would want central air installed, once he arrives. Then he will plot a hostile take over because I obviously do not know how to Bar-B-Q properly (oh wait, that's not Greg). Since he is not welcome here, or the OTHER place, he will rule in purgatory. So all of you sinners and saints beware, if you are not really good or really bad, you may end up with an eternity with Greg. Part heaven and part hell, depending on his cycle.
As for the five years together, congratulations. Little did you know that when you said until death we part, you were setting a goal.
Speaking of goal, Greg would have all of you watching English Football and British soap operas about football.