Friday, May 8, 2009

Speaking of 80s Bands

The Kandian and I took a little road trip across the state last week. Kinda a timeout from life, but also to see Queensryche at Harrah's KC. I'm trying to figure out why they have a guy touring with them whose job it is to hit the tambourine once or twice a song, press a couple of keys on his Roland, and occasionally strum a chord or two on a guitar.

But they were good. They're one of the few 80s bands that I can actually say were good musicians, not just rock stars. And to this day they're still good.

The drive out there was about as fun as being there. If you know the Kanadian, you know how much fun it is to listen to him bitch and complain about other drivers on the road.

So that was a nice timeout from life. I feel refreshed and recharged. I have patience with my chilluns again. This is a good thing.

Thanks for the birthday present Greg!

Damn Kanadians.


Anonymous said...

Here, I thought you may really like this link.

It was a great trip, although, I heard someone ripped down all the 187 mile markers on both sides of the highway. So sad, now how will people know how much farther it is to Knob Knoster?

Ariesgeek said...

that hurt my eyes